Excruciating Details
The Rollin' Dex
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Most Current: (06/06/03)
Ratio of men to flat tires at the scene of our latest breakdown: 5:1
Total hours until we were back on the road: 19
Chance a tourist will pass through Adams County, Ohio: 1 in 4,200
Pounds of unread books recently shipped to storage: 40
Minimum number of times each week we listen to reruns of "This American Life": 3
Chance that Anthony will imitate Ira Glass during the show: 3 in 4
Average percentage of total money spent on car repairs: 50
Number of musical intruments in the van that are not a Jew's Harp, Harmonica or Bones: 1
Average minutes per week one of those intruments is played: 25
Percentage change since August 2002 in our gross annual income: -63.6
Percentage of trip spent with Anthony's relatives: 60
Maximum number of nights spent in one place: 33
Number of times we’ve rocked out to "Bohemian Rhapsody" on the radio: 2
Maximum number of days we've both gone without a shower: 5
Number of visits to places maintained by the National Parks Service: 21
Maximum admission price for such a place: $5.00
Number of sunrises witnessed: 3
Number of times we've slept past noon: 2
Number of cards we've given out: about 100
Percentage of those cards that were covertly planted: 10
Statistics are the latest available as of whenever. Sources are often fabricated or non-existent. Arguments welcome.