Excruciating Details
Roo is with us in spirit only. And hair.
or: Whuuuh?

One might call this page the "Frequently Asked Questions", or FAQ, in the lingo, but we're not calling it that. We don't like that term. This is, though, still the place where all your questions will be answered: At least those that are asked most frequently.

So, about those questions...

What's the big idea? Well, it all started when we both got laid off from our .com jobs in the fall of 2002. It's just not everyday you find yourself jobless, unless of course you're unemployed, so we figured we should really make the most of it. Anthony's seen 48 of the 50 states. Liz has seen 24. It seems a shame not to see them all, so we decided to head out for a long drive in the country.

How long? And is that the real reason? We don't have a fixed schedule so the plan au courant is to keep traveling until our kitty's emptied or we start to drive each other nuts. Judging from the past year, our ability to spend money far exceeds just about any other benchmark we could set. We're hoping the money lasts for at least six months; longer would be swell.

As for the real reason... Is making a web site a good enough reason? Or wanting some time to have fun and do the things we really want to do before getting new jobs, more bills and a dog?

Who are you guys? She's Liz and he's Anthony. They're a couple of would-be writers and generalists who could probably lose the would-be if they just stopped sleeping in so often. One or both of them likes music, crossword puzzles, American Idol, being in the mountains, snowboarding and their cat Roo.

Why are you referring to yourselves in the third person? I don't know. It just seemed right for that last one.

Do you have a planned route, and if so, when are you coming to my state? The route is unplanned -- we're just calling the right turns as we see 'em. If we haven't been already, we'll be in your state sometime between now and the end of the trip.

Where are you planning to live after this? Or, as Liz's dad put it, "What's the long-term plan?" We don't even have a short-term plan so we really can't tell ya where this trip will end up. It's possible we'd return to New York or maybe the West Coast (where we both lived, separately, before New York) to live near some of our favorite family and friends. Montana or New Mexico sound kind of nice, too. It might just end up being wherever the van breaks down last.

If you have any other questions or just want to talk, go ahead and send us an email or post something on the boards. We'll write back. Promise.

Also, check out the links on the right for more details about this trip and how it's goin' down.