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Bret Pearson - our favorite person in Minnesota

Max Wilda - ditto in Trempealeau, Wisconsin

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Nobody likes to beg, fewer people still like a begger. On the other hand, everyone likes free money. This presents a dilemma: How to get money from you people without the resentment?

Honestly, we couldn't think of a good way, so we're sticking with the begging. Here goes:

Please can we have some money?

Really, if you like this site, or if you like us, even just one of us, or if you like something else, cheese for example, or bananas, and just want to show your appreciation for that but you're not sure how, we've got the solution: Give us some money. (To make it fair, I'll give some money back to the first person to diagram the previous sentence.)

Any amount is appreciated, we don't have jobs and the Badunkadunk gets about 16 miles to the gallon and it's a big country and.. sniff.. these laptops were expensive.

As a token of our appreciation, we'll occasionally have a special tribute to our generous benefactors on this page. We might even send some nice gifts! Who knows?

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