It's the moment when everything happens.

Since we left New York, our phone calls and emails have dropped off significantly. Regular mail has almost completely dried up. It's depressing.

Like anyone else, we love getting mail, e or otherwise. Here are various ways to stay in touch.

  • Email us. (We have retired the email account associated with this site, as it was being spammed mercilessly. We may be contacted through our various websites,,, and
  • Post to the boards. We read 'em all the time.
  • Sign up for our mailing list (form on the left there).
  • IM Anthony or Liz
  • Sign up to receive Anthony's random short-form musings with Stuff Anthony Seen

Lastly, it would be super swell if people wanted to send us real stuff, like letters and cards and things (no twinkies), in the actual mail. To attempt to make this possible, we'll be trying to provide a general delivery address of a town we plan to be passing through in the next few weeks. We'll keep the address up until about a week before it looks like we may pass by, and then update it to the next spot. No don't make us cry! We'll be dern sad if we get to wherever and there's nothing there. So sad. Of course, it is possible that we'll pass by before your package/letter/handicraft gets there, so please don't send anything irreplaceable, and, for goodness' sake, no pineapples.

  • Um.. Well, our schedule being what it is, or isn't, this didn't really work out. So hold all packages until the end, why don't you?