Excruciating Details
Junk in the Trunk

It's about 10° outside right now, which means I'm not going out in the cold night to inventory the Badunkadunk. So, as January 28, 2003, this is what I recall is in there: (Likely to change dramatically once we actually pack)

Drawer Below Sink: silverware, hand sanitizer, lighters, knives

Cubby Below Sink: spare batteries - various sizes, wet wipes, various cleaning supplies, hand broom, assorted zip lock bags, clothes pins, satellite radio receiver, emergency kit

Refrigerator: storage area for pantry foods

Left Stow Bin: 16-gallon water tank built-in to this compartment, a little spare room to store some food

Right Stow Bin: all the rest of the canned, boxed and dehydrated food

Wardrobe Closet: down comforter, pillows (2), sheets, spare blankets, sleeping bags (2), beach towels (2)

Under the Back Seat: lots of tools and spare parts, battery charger, repair manuals, beach umbrella (this may get the heave-ho soon)

Behind Back Seat: large plastic storage bins (2) - soon to be filled with clothes, books and other supplies, medium storage bin (1) - momentarily empty, outdoor volleyball (1), folding chairs (2), catalytic heater

Cubby below food bin: cookware & utensils, plastic flatware (4 sets), silverware, folding chairs (2)

Left Cubby Above Back Seat: hammock, small lantern, assorted camping items, front window curtain

Right Cubby Above Back Seat: various games, campsite guides, misc. gadgets, box of trivia cards, car records & documents

Cabinet on Right Wall Behind Seat: lots of motor oil, assorted rags, various car parts

Unstowed Items in Main Cabin: flashlight, guide books, maps, box of Kleenex, cooler