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DateSouvenir OfSouvenirLet's See ItCost
05/19/03 Pensacola, FL Coffee Cup T-shirt -- "No Grits, No Glory" coming soon $10.00
05/01/03 Charleston Cribbage Board sorry $21.20
04/29/03 South of the Border Pedro t-shirt maybe later $5.25
04/18/03 Biltmore Winery wine no $20.59
04/09/03 Frontier Culture Museum It's a secret can't $5.22
04/04/03 Luray Caverns Stretched Quarter Holder coming soon $6.26
04/01/03 Berkely Plantation Civil War Era Bullet not yet $5.23
02/08/03 Natty Boh T-shirt here $15.00
02/05/03 Civil War Civil War "At-A-Glance" Map not right now $1.59
02/04/03 The Middle Ages Jew's Harp here $5.25