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Friends of the Badunkadunk: Online Vendors

Go Westy is, so far, our one and only actual sponsor. They've been incredibly nice, and they have lots of great stuff. Most importantly, though, their customer service is impeccable. When we had one semi-major problem with some parts, they quickly discovered and admitted their mistake and set about to make it right immediately.

The Bus Depot

The Bus Depot is an indispensable resource. They have, or can get, almost every part you could want for almost every VW ever made, and the prices can rarely be beat.

The Volkscafe

These guys have a good selection of parts and accessories for 84-91 Vanagons.

Fast German Auto

These are the guys we bought our rebuilt engine from. So far, we're happy.

Hellroaring Technologies

Hellroaring sells a mighty fine battery isolator/combiner that we're using for our dual battery setup. It does not exhibit the diode voltage drop effect which prohibits (or at least makes difficult) using most isolators in a Vanagon. Mike Hines at Hellroaring has been very helpful and supremely responsive.

Imported Car Parts

Haven't bought anything from these guys, but they have a big selection.

Steve's European Auto

Ditto this guy. He also has a good reputation as a mechanic if you happen to be in Michigan.