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Fat and Greasy: Badunkadunk Repairs
May 04, 2003
"How's It Goin" Update

Well, we've put about 2500 miles on the new engine in the past month, and everything seems to be going pretty well. We leak a bit of oil from the oil cooler (it looks like it's coming from the oil cooler), but everything else looks tight. The car is slow, of course, and runs a bit hot, of course, but runs nonetheless. When climbing in the mountains if the temperature gets up to 260 for very long, we pull over and let her cool down. Most of the time, even when it's 90° outside, we're around 230-240 as long as we keep the speed under 60mph. No problem, we're in no hurry.

We have a noticeable clunk everytime we start the engine, but it seems to be coming from the mount or crossmember, not from the engine itself. In low gear (high torque) we get some rattles, also seem to be coming from the mounting of the whole engine assembly. The sheet metal seems to be slapping against the frame when it's really torquing. Seems like not a big deal, though of course, it could be. For now we're taking the attitude that a 23 year old car isn't going to run perfectly, and will likely make some noises. Especially one with so much non-professional work done on it. Not to mention the extra weight of all of our crap, and two bikes on the back. She's serving us quite well.

The air-conditioning compressor does seem to sit slightly lower than it used to, making the belt rub right against the engine crossmember, which in turn, of course, made the belt break. So no a/c. It's hot down here.